Caspian Sea Beluga

We are proud to supply the best most luxurious sought after Caspian Beluga Caviar locally and to international markets.

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    The Persians, who first discovered caviar, originally called it “Chav-Jar”, which means “Cake of Power”. In 2400 B.C., the Egyptians and Phoenicians salted and pickled the fish eggs to extend their shelf life during wars, food crises and sailing voyages. In early 14th century, England’s King Edward II declared the sturgeon as a royal fish and proclaimed every sturgeon an imperial treasure. When the royals of Russia fled the country in the early 19th century, they brought the trend to Europe—especially Paris—which eventually made its way to the States.

  2. Techical Info

    When the prized ‘Beluga’ comes to mind, the only origin and trusted source can only be from Iran. We are proud to supply the best most luxurious sought after Caspian Sea Beluga Caviar locally and to international markets, hotel, restaurants and catering services.
    We harvest our Beluga in farms located in Iran. Having a collection of modern processing, packaging, storing and transporting facilities, we guarantee the highest quality of Beluga caviar.
    Buy directly from the producers of caviar!
    Our caviar comes directly from our farms to the market, so we can offer the best prices. We export Beluga for retail market and packages for wholesale.

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